Eat walk Scottish food tours offer walking tours tasting locally sourced Scottish food & drink

in Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.

Our Scottish food walking tours visit five locations tasting locally sourced Scottish food with three of the stops also having drink tastings.

The local guide will talk about the history of the area as the tour walks between venues.

The tour size are limited to eight people to ensure everyone has a chance to chat to each other and the guide during the tour.

We can cater for the majority of dietary needs. We can even serve Vegan Haggis.

There are table reservations and seating at all our stops.

Our tours are a great introduction to Edinburgh, Glasgow & St Andrews.

So best to be taken at the beginning of your stay.


We look forward to welcoming visitors back onto our Glasgow food & drink walking tours from the 10 June 2021.

From 26 April bars/restaurants are able in Scotland in level 4 to serve food and alcohol to up to six people outside.

Indoor up to six people from two household can dine with only soft drinks available.

On 17 May Scotland moves to level 3 where food and alcohol can be served indoors to six people from three households

We plan to wait to the 10 June when Scotland will have moved to level 2 (on 7 June) to restart our daily tours.  When eight people from three households can be served indoors.

From 10 June we will also offer private tours for people who would feel more comfortable to explore the cuisine of the city with their own local guide.

But our daily tours are a great way of meeting fellow travellers and swapping stories on your time or plans in Scotland.

Whichever type of tour you decide to take we look forward to showing you what this great city has to offer.

For full details on the Scottish  Govt. levels please click here

Please select either Eat walk Edinburgh, Glasgow or St Andrews to find out more about the Scottish food tours offered.

Eat walk Scottish food tours in Edinburgh

Eat walk Edinburgh offer two foodie tours. The Canongate Brunch tour visiting lower half of Royal Mile in the morning. And also the Old and New Town tour at 1 pm and 5 pm. Click on the photo above to read more about these tours.

Eat walk Scottish food tour of Glasgow

Eat walk Glasgow offer a tour taking in the city centre including the Merchant city with a great selection of bars and restaurants. Tours running at 1 pm and 5 pm on most days. Click on the photo above to read more about this tour.

Eat walk Scottish food tour of St Andrews

Eat walk St Andrews offer a tour that takes in all aspects of the town, the Old Course, the University and the religious aspects with tours running at 1 pm & 5 pm most days. Click on the photo above to read more about these tours.